8 years later - time to refresh

 Architecture Work, PC

William Robert King, R.A.

October 18, 2018

 This project was a total-gut renovation completed in the fall of 2010 that in 2018, was showing the stress of being very well used and enjoyed. We made up a “new punchlist” of what needed to be done to restore the apartment to “like new” condition and presented a budget to the owners. Turns out to be mostly a paint job, but we found other little annoying items that deserved attention as well, mostly to some minor damage to the finishes and fit of the built-in cabinets, incorrectly replaced light bulbs, stressed window shades and a broken lever handle. The owners also asked us to install new sliding glass doors for the kid’s bathrooms in lieu of the shower curtains.

The cost of the work was less than 3.5% of the original cost in 2010 dollars.


 Naturally, all the artwork had to be taken down, but we also re-hang as well.


 Living Room


Open dining/kitchen 




Kids bathroom with all water damage repaired