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New Fifth Ave IVF Office

Posted by William Robert King, R.A. on Sep 1, 2017 10:33:47 AM

What’s New:  8-31-17

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William Robert King, R.A.


On the medical side of our projects we have just completed a 4,100 square foot in-vitro fertilization lab and offices in Midtown NYC featuring state-if-the art labs (NYS Certification) and procedure suite (Quad A) with hospital grade air filtration systems.  The labs are Class 5 ISO HEPA 4-stage air filtration with pressurized conditioned air prioritized from room to room so as to avoid backwashing of “dirty air” into “clean spaces”.  In addition, the entire lab & procedure area are built with materials that are all “VOC free” as this is known to be destructive of DNA.  We could have used jacketed fluorescent lamps for the labs to eliminate all damaging UV emissions as well, but was deemed insignificant to our needs as the LED circuits are all dimmable during operations to mitigate this effect.

 Procedure Room-1.jpeg

Measures taken during construction to control dust were in place daily & all the metal studs & plates were vacuumed & wiped down before the drywall was installed.  This was to alleviate all construction residue within the walls themselves.  The labs and procedure room doors are all gasketed as are the lighting fixtures and access panels.

 Looking at nurses station and recovery beyond.jpg

Because this existing structure had ample floor to ceiling height and exterior air louvers already in place to the rear of the building, we were able to specify the requisite independent air control systems and temperature controlled zones (four in this case) for the labs & procedure suite independent of the rest of the building’s normal services. 

 looking from the OR to offices.jpeg

All lab & procedure areas are protected by a new UPS (uninterrupted power service) system designed to maintain power in the critical areas for 24 hours & with additional shutdowns to protect & maintain tissue samples for days beyond that.  Alarms systems are monitored continuously & the system automatically issues the required monthly status reports for certification.


Interestingly, using all LED lighting we are using less than 2/3rds of the allowable WATTS per square foot that the new NYCECC Lighting Compliance Code prescribes.  The entire office and medical areas use only about 2700 WATTS of lighting energy and the “light” experienced is identical to what most persons consider “normal”.  Not to mention that no light bulbs will ever need replacing, it shows you can have your “energy savings cake” & eat it too.


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